Joints® To GoTake your PACS with you.

Joints® To Go enables you to take images with you when you go offline. It puts an unprecedented level of accessibility right in your hand.

A PACS Wherever You Need It

Go Anywhere

Our Joints® software enable users to maintain real-time access to Joints® anywhere they have an internet connection. For times when an internet connection is not available or installing our software is not feasible, there is Joints® To Go.

No Internet Connection Required

Joints® does not require software installation or an internet connection. The only requirement is a USB drive and a USB port on the computer at your destination.

No Software To Install

Joints® To Go runs directly off your USB drive. There is no need to install any software. All the patient images, implant templates and measurement tools you use in Joints® are available while using Joints® To Go.

Like You Never Left The Office

Simple To Setup

Just plug your USB drive (either a thumb drive or external hard drive) into a computer that has the Joints® desktop app, select the desired tab and then click Sync.

Now, no matter what your destination, you can plug that USB drive into any computer and launch Joints® To Go directly off it. Your work can continue as if you never left the office.

When you return to the original computer, perform the same operation again and any work you did offline in Joints® To Go is automatically copied back into Joints®.

Joints® To Go Benefits

  • Access your images without installing any software.
  • Go anywhere and still access your images.
  • Enjoy the features of Joints® even when offline.
  • Leverage full templating functionality.
  • Synchronize your changes back to Joints® upon your return.

If you are interested in enhancing your business using Joints® To Go, request a demo today.

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