JointsPlan Intro

Introduction for Medical Professionals


JointsPlan is an Orthopedic pre-operative planning tool utilized by Medical Professionals to estimate the size of orthopedic implants for inventory control purposes. Your Implant Rep has created a free account for you in Joints, the cloud-based pre-operative planning system from Medstrat. 

Key Benefits

  • Decrease surgery time by grabbing the correct tool and implant the first time
  • Reduced clutter in the OR by using fewer trays
  • Improved relationship with the hospital by saving them time and money
  • More efficient communication with your Implant Rep Orthopedic joint rep during pre-operative planning
  • Confidence knowing the correct implants, tools, and x-rays will be in the OR, planned weeks in advance
  • Never burn a CD again – instead, transfer images to your Implant Rep over the internet via our HIPAA/HITECH-compliant Joints Link

Getting Started

To sign up for JointsPlan, just provide your Implant Rep with an email address and they will send you an invite. 

Once registered, you can navigate to to view and pre-operatively plan your cases with your Implant Rep. Joints Plan is a zero-install web-app that will allow you to plan cases anywhere at any time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Whom can I call with questions?
    • Your Implant Rep is the primary contact for questions. You can also call Medstrat Support at (800) 882-4224. Support Hours are 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM (CT), Monday through Friday.
  • Is there a charge?
    • No, you will not be charged for the user of JointsPlan. 
  • How do I get a JointsPlan login?
    • You will have to provide your email address to your Implant Rep who will register you in the JointsPlan system. 
  • Whom do I call if I forget my password?
    • Please call Medstrat Support at (800) 882-4224. 
  • How do I install JointsPlan?
  • Where can I find your security and privacy policies?
  • How can I get training?
    • Your Implant Rep can provide training or your can call our support line at (800) 882-4224 to schedule a 30- or 60-minute training session. 
  • How are images uploaded to JointsPlan?
    • Images can be imported directly via a CD, or they can be sent directly from your PACS system via Joints Link. View more information about Joints Link at
  • Where can I find additional resources and documentation on JointsPlan?

Account Registration

To register your account, provide your Implant Rep with your email address. They will send you an email invite with the activation link, which is good for seven (7) days. To complete the registration, follow the steps below: 

  1. In your welcome email you will receive a temporary password, software key, and an activation button. If you cannot click on the “Activate” button, simply click on the link directly below.
  2. Next, enter your name.
  3. Next, enter the temporary password you received in your email, and then pick your new password.
  4. Next, pick your security questions and answers.
  5. Next, log in with your new account and begin preoperatively planning.