Joints Link

A Simple Software-Only Solution


Joints Link is a software-only solution that bridges the gap between your practice and the Medstrat Cloud PACS. Replace servers and complicated VPN connections and reduce IT infrastructure costs with a simple software-only solution. 

Connect your x-ray equipment to the Joints Cloud. 

Send and Receive images from third-party clinics, hospitals, imaging centers, radiology groups, and more, without a VPN connection. 

Stand up a new office in minutes. 

What is JointsLink? 

  • Secure/encrypted communication between local network and Joints Cloud PACS. 
  • Integration capabilities with EMR. 
  • Integration capabilities with Modality Worklists. 
  • Bi-directional communication with third-party PACS.
  • Built-in DICOM Gateway.

Why Use Joints Link?

  • Secure/encrypted HIPAA/HITECH compliant.
  • Easy to install and manage. 
  • Local IT has full control. 
  • No costly VPNS.
  • No costly hardware to purchase or manage.
  • Share studies with clinics and hospitals. 
  • Onboard new clinics and offices within minutes. 

Benefits of Joints Link vs VPN

  • No firewall to manage. 
  • Stand up in minutes.
  • Works on Windows PC or Server.
  • No complex networking/NATTing. 
  • Does not require technical expertise.
  • Connect to the cloud without exposing your network. 

Joints Link Security

  • Latest TLSv1.3 encryption.
  • Key-based authentication.
  • Internal static IP required.
  • All outbound communication over port 443.
  • HL7 Support.
  • DICOM C-store, Query and Retrieve support.
  • Modality Worklist support.