Industry’s Best Archiving and Disaster Recovery Solution

An Experienced Medical Image Archiving Provider

Trust the experts at Medstrat to securely maintain your organization’s medical images and recover them in the event of a disaster. With more than 20 years devoted to archiving medical image data, we have the experience to safely back up and store your valuable data off-site. We currently manage petabytes (PB) of data and billions of images!

For health care Chief Technology Officers (CTOs), Joints® Archive offers a secure, always accessible, vendor-neutral disaster recovery and archiving solution that acts as insurance against hardware failure, ransomware and other potential threats to medical images. Let us help you ensure business continuity and maintain full HIPAA/HITECH and FDA compliance.

Joints® Archive Secures Mission-Critical Records

Medstrat understands that instant access to medical records is crucial, which is why we never put your data in high latency cold storage. Our high availability platform allows you to view studies in your office or at home, while permitting you to share studies with patients or other providers via email.

When accessing studies through our zero-footprint viewer, you never have to worry about complicated access, operation or early deletion fees. Ask us about our unique pricing model and let us explain how we will integrate this solution with your existing Joints® PACS or any third-party PACS system.

Joints® Archive: Solution Details and Benefits

Joints® Archive is the secure way to store, access and share your medical images with patients or partner institutions. Use any device to access your images — from anywhere and at any time. And if your PACS server fails, Joints® Archive automates the disaster recovery process to keep your clinic functional. 

  • Back up your data automatically.
    • Seamlessly integrate with Joints® PACS or Plan.
    • Automatically sync images from any third-party PACS to our archive.
    • Use standard or extended retention rates to keep your data secure and available for as long as you want.
  • Use your data.
    • Enjoy anywhere, anytime access to all your data via our zero-install web app.
    • Avoid using CDs by sharing images directly to your partner institutions or patients using our email sharing feature.
  • Work through disaster recovery.
    • Keep accessing your images live in the event of a disaster; we never put your studies in cold storage.
    • Continue storing new images.
    • Restore all your data for local access when your PACS server is healthy again.

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