Digital Templating

Accurate, Easy-to-Use Preoperative Planning Solution

Introducing the Joints® Plan Templating System

Medstrat is among the few companies that offer digital templating to orthopedic surgeons and other health care providers in the United States. Our full-featured, accurate and easy-to-use preoperative templating platform helps identify the correct implant size, provides accurate digital measurements and enables collaboration that allows health care providers to improve operating room efficiency.

By facilitating surgery preplanning and allowing surgeons to determine the exact size of the implant needed in advance, Joints® Plan reduces operating costs and surgery time.

Joints® Plan Helps Implant Sales Representatives

Joints® Plan is the simple, fast and accurate implant templating solution that allows orthopedic implant sales representatives to automatically receive studies from collaborating practices, create and save case plans from anywhere and collaborate with their surgeons.

With tray standardization commonplace today, knowing ahead of time exactly what is required for each surgery has never been more important. Joints® Plan helps ensure that you bring only the necessary models, sizes and tools to the operating room every time.

When you know what size implant(s) the patient needs, you can preplan surgeries with confidence. This improves patient care while reducing inventory, distribution costs and errors.

Joints® Plan Features

This Medstrat solution allows orthopedic surgeons and implant reps to:

  • Import studies with ease from CD using our intuitive upload page.
  • Enjoy anywhere, anytime access to all your data using our zero-install web app.
  • Accurately measure and template your images with or without a calibration marker.
  • Access a full template library, which is regularly updated with the latest models from your manufacturer(s).
  • Snapshot your case work as a reference in the operating room or when ordering implants.
  • Enable communication between surgeon and implant rep to always have the right implant, at the right place, at the right time.

Joints® Plan Benefits

Joints® Plan is the templating solution of choice because it allows users to:

  • Collaborate with over 4,000 active orthopedic surgeons currently using Joints PACS.
  • Share studies with physicians and other health care providers to collaboratively measure, template, and make notes and adjustments to upcoming case plans.
  • Ensure that the implant sales rep brings only the size(s) needed into the OR.
  • Generate surgical plans and display them in the OR.
  • Decrease surgical time by accurately determining implant sizes preoperatively.
  • Increase OR utilization through reduced room turnover time.
  • Reduce inventory, handling and sterilization costs.