Cloud PACS

Orthopedic PACS Imaging Software

Introducing the Joints® Cloud PACS System

Built to connect the needs of orthopedic surgeons, clinical staff and patients, our Joints® Cloud PACS imaging software combines our orthopedic-specific measurements, comprehensive implant template library and EMR integration services.

Our PACS solution, fully hosted on the Google Cloud Platform, helps to deliver the highest quality of care with no on-site hardware requirements. Joints® Cloud PACS is always on and accessible from virtually any device with an Internet connection. 

Joints® PACS offers orthopedic surgeons a fast, consistent and secure diagnostic imaging platform that leverages orthopedic-specific tools, the latest HTML5 Cloud technology and the entire clinical workflow to provide the highest quality patient care without increasing costs. 

Cloud PACS Solves Your Clinical Workflow Needs

  • Allows you to share studies with patients digitally via email
  • Offers access to images from desktop, laptop and mobile devices with zero installation
  • Provides user access on multiple devices at the same time, no concurrency limits
  • Integrates with your EMR to populate a modality worklist, launches our viewer directly from the EMR

Cloud PACS Offers Diagnostic and Surgical Tools

  • Allows users to preoperatively plan cases on a desktop, laptop or mobile device with our built-in Joints® Plan templating solution
  • Helps users to diagnose patients and plan surgeries with full sets of standard and advanced measurement tools
  • Educates patients with one-click anonymized study examples
  • Enables users to attach reports or even gait videos to a patient’s chart
  • Bookmarks key images in a study for quick access

Cloud PACS Solves Critical IT and Security Issues

  • Reduces downtime due to local hardware issues, keeping clinics running on time
  • Eliminates the risk of hacking or ransomware attacks that affect local servers
  • Enhances security by providing stronger encryption and account authentication
  • Removes any remote access hurdles
  • Features the latest release so you never have to schedule an upgrade