The pioneers of orthopedic PACS Innovating since 1996.

A History of Dedication

Medstrat entered the orthopedic market in 1996. Soon after, we created the industry's first PACS designed specifically for the orthopedic surgeon. Today, Medstrat leads the industry and continues to dedicate itself to reimagining medical imaging in both orthopedics and image archiving.

A History of Excellence

With Joints®, Medstrat has become the recognized leader in orthopedic software solutions. Joints® streamlines private practices, helps implant reps pre-operatively plan for cases and lowers costs for hospital administrators. Joints® has a vast user-base of orthopedic surgeons with hundreds of PACS installations across the United States and over a billion images archived at its datacenter. Joints® is the proven solution for any orthopedic software need.

Company Timeline

June 1996
Medstrat, Inc. Founded

The initial mission is to help orthopedic practices streamline operations and improve financial efficiency.

August 1999
First Imaging Customer

Film digitizers capture the majority of images during this early stage of the industry.

January 2000
Medstrat Introduces Workflow Engine (WFE)

WFE is the industry's first orthopedic-specific PACS.

September 2000
First Off-Site Image Archiving Service

Medstrat adds an archiving service to provide its customers with protection against data loss.

May 2004
100 Installations

Medstrat reaches a major milestone.

October 2004
Plugin-Based Web App Introduced

Medstrat creates a Java applet to enable image access from a standard web browser.

July 2006
echoes Released with Templating

echoes is released as our second-generation orthopedic PACS. echoes has digital templating built-in instead of residing in a separate application.

December 2007
First Windows and Mac App

Medstrat delivers its first desktop app compatible with both Windows and Mac computers.

January 2008
echoes To Go Released

Medstrat packages its PACS into a portable, internet-free solution to enable measurements and templating to be done offline from a USB drive while in the OR.

August 2008
Depots Released

Medstrat is the first to create a real-time access, off-site image archive. This removes the need for lengthy restore procedures. Medstrat also releases its third-generation orthopedic PACS around this time.

July 2009
500 Installations

Medstrat reaches another major milestone.

March 2010
iPad App Released

Medstrat's launches its first iPad app to provide access to images and surgical plans.

April 2010
Joints® Plan Released

Joints is initially introduced as a solution for individual implant reps enabling them to template their surgeon's cases in the cloud.

May 2011
Joints® Relay

Medstrat launches Joints Relay to help implant reps gather medical images without the need for CDs.

December 2011
Phoenix Conversions

Medstrat builds Phoenix, a migration tool, to handle the heavy influx of customers switching from competitive PACS products.

March 2013
Zimmer Relationship Announced

Zimmer and Medstrat team up to provide digital templating to Zimmer implant reps across the U.S.

December 2014
750 Installations

Medstrat reaches another major milestone.

Q1 2015
Plugin-Free Web App Introduced

Joints 4.0 is our fourth-generation orthopedic PACS. It takes orthopedic imaging to a whole new level with advanced web-based functionality, cloud access and collaboration tools.