Why Medstrat

Market Leader in Orthopedic PACS, Digital Templating and Image Archiving

What’s Behind Our 95%+ Customer Retention Rate?

Orthopedic surgeons have trusted Medstrat software for over 25 years, and our reputation is reflected in our customer loyalty and high retention rate. Customers like you are responsible for making Medstrat the industry leader in orthopedic imaging and planning software. Keep reading to learn why your peers continue to rely on our expertise and experience year after year — and why you should, too. 

Complete Focus on Orthopedic Needs and Trends

Unlike other PACS and medical imaging products, Medstrat is 100% focused on orthopedic surgeons and their health care partners. Instead of offering a generic PACS system that meets some needs of all medical personnel, we developed our Joints® solutions to meet the unique needs of only those working in the field of orthopedics.

Medstrat’s mission is to improve the efficiency and quality of orthopedic care through specialized software-as-a-service. We currently offer combined digital templating and PACS solutions only for orthopedic surgery, and our future development is absolutely focused on orthopedics and is proceeding in accordance with direct market feedback.

How Medstrat Helps Orthopedists and Implant Reps

Medstrat creates value for your business by improving efficiency and the quality of care at a reduced cost. Medstrat’s proven history of success is due to our:

  • Unique orthopedic-focused solutions
  • Comprehensive templating library
  • Capacity to archive huge numbers of images
  • Best cost/benefit ratio in the industry
  • State-of-the-art technology

Medstrat Claims the Largest Orthopedic Market Share

  • Over 4,500 surgeons rely on Medstrat to ensure surgical success.
  • Over 1,000 medical device reps depend on Medstrat to reduce inventory and handling costs for the distribution of implantable devices.
  • Thousands of orthopedic practice groups, ASCs and hospitals use Medstrat.
  • Tens of thousands of users are on the Joints® platform every day.
  • Billions of images are archived through Medstrat.
  • Medstrat is trusted by major health systems and companies, including Northshore, Northern Light Health, Advocate, CAO, Campbell Clinic, Anderson Clinic, ZimmerBiomet, Stryker, Microport, Medacta and many more.