Joints®The Complete Orthopedic Solution

Medstrat has crafted software to meet the needs of the orthopedic industry for nearly two decades. The culmination of that focus and effort is Joints®. Joints® connects physicians, implant reps and institutions together to create an ideal orthopedic workflow.

The Evolution of Orthopedics

Connecting the Industry

Joints® is an industry-wide, orthopedic-specific platform. We offer both a Joints® PACS and Joints® Plan solution to meet the diverse needs within the orthopedic industry. No matter who you are or how you plug into orthopedics, Joints® gives you the power to get the job done. Orthopedic surgeons can seamlessly share cases with implant reps in preparation for surgery or give referring physicians and radiologists remote access to their studies. Implant reps can template cases from anywhere, determining implant sizes pre-operatively and reducing the number of trays in the OR. Surgeries proceed more smoothly. Surgeons get more cases done. Implant reps provide better service. The orthopedic workflow is optimized.

With Joints® you will discover the industry's premier collaborative platform that connects physicians, clinical staff, implant reps and institutions.

Joints® Benefits

  • Leverage an orthopedics first design.
  • Connect and collaborate with other Joints® users online.
  • Enjoy powerful orthopedic specific tools.
  • View and template cases anywhere, anytime.
  • Access live tech support and online tutorials.

Discover Joints®

Joints® can create efficiencies and lower barriers to open communication during per-operative planning. Joints® is the best-in-class orthopedic platform. Call us us today to discuss how Joints® can streamline your workflow.

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