Convert to Joints® We make PACS conversions simple and seamless.

Why convert to Joints PACS?

Because at Medstrat, we have created Joints with orthopedic practice needs in mind. With our set of orthopedic-specific measurement tools, comprehensive implant template library, and anywhere/anytime access to case plans, we help physicians and clinic staff provide the highest quality care to their patients.

With Joints, you’ll be able to access, measure, plan and share your cases from any internet-connected device, whether you’re in clinic, at home, or in the OR.

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Conversion without complication

When you convert to Joints, our technicians will get to work converting data from your old PACS and importing it into Joints. Your historical data will be stored both on your local server and in our Joints Archive disaster recovery cloud backup. Throughout the conversion process, we’ll keep you updated on our progress.

For more information on how Medstrat manages your medical images, see our Security Policy.

Joints integrates with practice systems

Joints integrates with EHR, EMR, or RIS systems to provide a Modality Work List to your modalities. This makes your technicians’ workflow faster and more efficient. We work with all major vendors, and do not charge for HL7 integrations.

For more information, see our HL7 conformance statement.

Training for new Joints users

Every new Medstrat customer will have access to our online training resources, including training videos, a knowledge base, and remote trainings from our support techs. We also offer onsite training from our support techs prior to the go-live date. This makes switching to Joints easier by lowering the learning curve that comes with any new software implementation.

With our onsite trainings, your doctors, technicians, and administrators will all get a chance to learn essential features and functions in interactive, face-to-face sessions. That way, you’ll be able to ask questions specific to using Joints in your workflow, and we get a chance to meet you and understand your unique clinical needs.

World-class support

Customer service is easy when things are running smoothly. It’s most important when they’re not.

At Medstrat, we believe in superior customer service, which is why all Joints users receive support from our outstanding team of in-house support techs. Whether you need help troubleshooting an issue, find a bug, or simply have a question about our software, our support department is available to help.

For contact information and hours, see our Contact Us page

A full SLA is available in the password-protected documents section of our site.