Joints® Access images from any Mac, PC, tablet or phone.

Joints®, at its heart, is an orthopedic-specific product. We offer both a Joints® PACS and Joints® Plan solution to meet the diverse needs within the orthopedic industry. In addition, Joints® can be used via the cloud with any of our solutions. Whether you only need our core online features or our orthopedic-specific ones, Joints® has what you need to get the job done.

Access From Any Device

Whether you are on your computer or browsing from a tablet or phone, you can access Joints. Medstrat offers Joints® in two formats: as a desktop application that runs on a Mac or PC and on the web through a modern web browser such as Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

Joints® desktop application

On a Computer

Developed from nearly twenty years of orthopedic software experience, our desktop app is a simple yet powerful application that covers all your clinical, surgical and office needs. With a full suite of measurement tools, built-in templating, administrative functionality and clinical staff support, it is the best orthopedic software available.

In addition, our desktop application has amazing features that can only be done on a computer. With Joints, you can burn CDs and leverage Local Folders. Come see what others are talking about by requesting a demo today.

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Joints® on the web

On the Web

Joints® is built to work on modern web browsers, giving you the freedom to work anywhere you can access the internet. It is fully touch capable with a clear and simple interface. No matter if you use an Android tablet or phone, an iPad or iPhone, you can access Joints® on the web. In fact, you can even use a web browser on your PC or Mac.

Since Joints® is on the web, you no longer need to buy or burn CDs for every patient. Sharing access to a study with another Joints® user is as easy as sending an email. Outside parties can view images or work collaboratively with you, all without installing any plug- ins or additional software.

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Product Details

Desktop Details

  • Choose from either a Mac or PC download.
  • Access templates from all major manufacturers.
  • Enjoy a wide variety of orthopedic-specific tools.
  • Burn CDs with a single click.

Web Details

  • Enjoy a plugin-free, web-based experience with Zero-Install.
  • Upload images online from any device.
  • Share images with other Joints users without using CDs.
  • Create custom workflows that fit your needs.
  • Manage your clinic from your phone.