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Are you looking for a new PACS to support your current workflow? Do you need to convert your current, uncooperative PACS into something that works?

Medstrat has been perfecting its orthopedic software solutions for nearly two decades. Our Joints® PACS solution can support your practice's current workflow and keep you running smoothly, day after day. You'll find that Joints® is fast and intuitive because it is focused only on solving orthopedic needs like yours.

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Joints® PACS Benefits

  • An orthopedic PACS; not a radiology PACS derivative.
  • Latest templates from all major manufacturers.
  • Simple EMR integration.
  • Full-featured desktop app; zero-Install web browser app.
  • Advanced MU Stage 2 compatibility.

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Our conversion process is simple and painless. We built Joints® to fit into the way you already work while keeping your data intact during your switch. We can even work out payment solutions with you so that you are not paying for a PACS all over again.

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