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Templating in the Cloud

Do you need to digitally template, size and prepare cases pre-operatively?

With our Joints® Plan solution, you can template cases anywhere, anytime. Joints® helps you accurately determine implant sizes for upcoming cases. Planning enables a reduction in the number of trays in the OR making surgeries proceed more smoothly and reducing costs all around. You can even collaborate with other Joints® users online.

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Solution Details

  • Template anywhere, anytime.
  • Access templates from all major manufacturers.
  • Enjoy a wide variety of orthopedic-specific tools.
  • Collaborate easily online.
  • Receive unlimited access to live tech support and online tutorials.

Detailed Comparison

Joints® Plan Benefits

  • Decrease surgery time by accurately determining implant sizes pre-operatively.
  • Increase OR utilization through reduced room turnover time.
  • Reduce inventory, handling and sterilization costs.
  • Boost communication during pre-operative planning.
  • Save time traveling just to acquire images; use Joints® Relay.

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