Joints® RelaySend images the flexible, secure and efficient way.

While the DICOM standard explains how to send a DICOM file over an encrypted channel using SSL/TLS, many third-party PACS vendors do not implement this secure method for pushing DICOM images. In addition, the HHS has made it clear in the HITECH Act that the only safe-harbor from mandatory breach notification is to encrypt data that contains Protected Health Information (PHI).

How can you receive images from other doctors? What do you do if they do not possess the IT resources necessary to setup a VPN or other secure solution?

Your On-Ramp to the Image Superhighway

Easy To Use

Receive images securely from remote medical facilities by installing Joints® Relay on one of their computers.

Joints® Relay will automatically run after installation and can be configured to relay studies to any Joints® user. Even if the computer is rebooted, you can rest assured that your personalized Joints® Relay configuration will still be present.

Safe and Secure

All DICOM files are uploaded to Joints® using the latest encryption technology. Joints® Relay uses only FIPS 140-2 approved security standards as defined by HIPAA/HITECH. You can rest easy knowing that your PHI is in good hands.

Secure and Efficient

Simple To Setup

Configuring a PACS to send to Joints® Relay is as easy as installing it. First, setup your desired AE Title in Joints®. Then, have their PACS technician create a DICOM Push destination within their PACS. That destination simply needs to have the AE Title you choose earlier and the IP Address and Port displayed in the Joints® Relay interface.

Now whenever you need an image, they can simply push the DICOM images from their PACS to that destination and Joints® Relay will transfer them securely across the internet to your Joints® account.

Joints® Relay Benefits

  • Gather images electronically from any PACS.
  • Transfer images securely without a VPN.
  • Create flexible routing rules.
  • Setup and get going quickly.
  • Enjoy the increased efficiency.

If you are interested in enhancing your business using Joints® Relay, request a demo today.

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