Joints® TemplatingAccurate pre-operative planning.

Where would we be without plans? We can see around corners and move more effortless when we know what to expect. Not only that, but we can more easily handle issues that do arise as long as we have a basic plan in place.

Pre-operative plans are no exception. Nothing creates a smoother or more efficient surgery than pre-operative templating. In fact, Joints® has repeatedly shown it can reduce costs for hospitals and streamline cases for surgeons. Try our solution along side your surgeries and see for yourself. With Joints®, you can reimagine surgery the way it was meant to be.

Plan with Joints®

Advanced Accuracy

After many years in the orthopedic industry, our templating software is second to none. Medstrat provides templating services to a diverse group of people in orthopedics. Joints® has helped each of them to pre-operatively plan under a variety of conditions with amazing results. In most instances, the implant sizes determined by Joints® are accurate to within one size of the actual implant used.

Massive Template Library

We pride ourselves on providing one of the largest libraries of implant templates available. We have models from all the major manufacturers in addition to many of the lesser known ones. In fact, if a model that you use is not present, just give us a call and we will be happy to add it to our growing list.

Simple and Effective

Easy To Use Interface

Templating with Joints® couldn’t be easier. We offer an extensive set of online tutorials that cover many of the essential features of our software. Together with our vast template library and advanced measurement tools, you’ll be able to easily design the surgical plans you need for your next case.

Joints® Templating Benefits

  • Advanced Accuracy
  • Massive Template Library
  • Simple Interface
  • Serious Insight